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Peru: First stop on the road to enlightenment

In the villages that sit high along the Peruvian Andes, scattered along the Lares region in green valleys and tranquil snow-capped mountains, there is poignant beauty. Ruddy-faced children with dark…


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eCommerce: McGraw-Hill Shop, Upsell

McGraw-Hill wanted to implement an upsell feature on its newly overhauled eCommerce site. In order to do this successfully, it required the latest and most effective language…

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A dash of Delta charm

A chat with chef Bobby Bouyer is like a stroll down Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter. In his faded Cajun accent and with warmth in his voice, he described the simple joys of cooking tangy molasses-smoked barbeque… Read more

Web analytics: McGraw-Hill Education

Devising original content strategy and applying comprehensive project management is key to growth and improved reception. Every month I gather performance and web traffic data for the Digital Success… Read more

Oh-so-sweet frozen treats on Malverne street

When you walk into Scooop, Malverne’s new ice cream shop, it feels like you’ve walked into a scene from Now and Then, the 1995 movie that made many a little girl wish for a time machine to travel back to the early 1970s… Read more