Gennaro makes waves with anti-smoking proposal


Councilman Gennaro, center, with supporters of his proposal to ban smoking in cars with minors.

Councilman James Gennaro started a media frenzy when he proposed legislation to ban smoking in car with children under 18.

I wrote a long and informative press released on the reasons behind Gennaro’s decision to pursue the ban — after much research on the dangers of second-hand smoke, other legislatures around the country with similar laws and organizations that support such measures.

I coordinated a press conference and released the media advisory two days prior. Members of the media pounced on the story immediately, bombarding me with calls and emails, requests for embargoed information and for interviews with Gennaro.

On the day of the press conference, hundreds of people — members of the media, supporters and protestors — came out to the steps of city hall to hear Gennaro and several other lawmakers speak on the proposal. Within one day, the news spread internationally and everyone was talking about the councilman. He also appeared on NY1’s “The Call” with John Schiumo. Whether they supported Gennaro’s proposal or opposed it, he was the topic of discussion and brought awareness to an issue that was dear to him.

Hundreds of news outlets and blogs covered the story and I interacted with almost every single one. I fielded calls, exchanged emails and arranged for the Councilman to interview as needed.

Here’s a short list of articles, letters-to-the-editor, blog posts and more that resulted from our press conference:
New York Post
New York Times
New York Sun
Queens Courier
Queens Gazette
ABC News
Press TV
National Center for Biotechnology (The Beat)
Tobacco Control Network
Tobacco Analysis

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Gennaro provides aid to devastated entrepreneurs


Shoddy construction work resulted in the collapse of a nearby building, devastating business owners occupying the space.

Our office was alerted by a local resident when a series of buildings in the area suddenly collapsed due to shoddy construction work. On a moment’s notice, Councilman Gennaro and I were out the door and on our way over to the site of the devastation, which left six businesses out on the street.

We surveyed the scene, spoke with the entrepreneurs and the property owner, and coordinated with other branches of the city government. I called, emailed and texted every single media contact at my disposal, alerting them to the incident and inviting them to come speak with the councilman and business owners.

Dozens of reporters from local and daily newspapers, and television news stations descended on the scene. I prepared the councilman with quick talking points, and arranged for him to give an impromptu press conference while on the site. The story started a media storm and coverage of the subject continued for several weeks following the incident, prompting us to coordinate a second press conference. Publications that covered the event included: the New York Times, Queens Courier, Queens Chronicle and ABC 7.

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Councilmen outraged by rate-increase proposal

Councilmen James Gennaro, right, and David Weprin.

Councilmen James Gennaro, right, and David Weprin.

This was a joint press release I wrote with some collaboration and research assistance from my colleague at Councilman David Weprin’s office.

The press release was widely distributed and garnered significant media attention. I secured placement for the councilmen in a number of publications, including the New York Times, Queens Gazette and the Gotham Gazette.

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Gennaro celebrates victory for Queens’ endangered wetlands


I wrote this press release in November 2007 to distribute to the media following a press conference I coordinated, in which Councilman James Gennaro announced his successful mission to protect New York City’s endangered wetlands.

In order to research and write the release, and plan Gennaro’s announcement, I reached out to other organizations and advocates involved in the cause, and coordinated their input and appearances.

The press conference was a success and garnered significant media attention. The release secured placement in a number of publications, including the New York Daily News, the Queens Chronicle, and the Times Newsweekly.

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